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Young people no longer meet in a nightclub or even in the cinema to meet but on social networks and on dating sites. Yes, it is true that a porn site is not a dating site, because we do not find his soulmate, we find ourselves face to face with the camgirl. The camgirl who comes from the four corners of the world, she is beautiful, sexy and she dances good striptease. There are so many young people on naughty sites, because they are looking for some pocket money. But in another way, it’s the simplest way to indulge and offer others without risk, so where is the problem. It is also good that we adult talk with them and repeat that sex video chat is just a virtual image, far from the reality in a real sex life of a loving couple.

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Over time, the sexuality of the couple sometimes becomes a long calm river. But the routine is not inevitable. Find out how to make your two-man adventure a never-ending one. A real spicy program to get through arguments and boredom! There is no inevitability to the decline of amorous desire. In terms of sex, shaking up certain beliefs is necessary to access pleasure again. In order to restore to our libido, the sensual state of emergency of the beginnings, it suffices to respect the new commandments and to develop its Erotic Intelligence. The ideal would be to alternate periods of audacity and risk taking with that of great stability. What equates to bridging responsibilities and libertine.

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